Cryogenic Chilling & Cooling

Chill food using liquid nitrogen or cryogenic carbon dioxide

For whole muscle, diced and cut-up product, the Praxair CRC System rotates and gently tumbles food pieces, keeping them separate for maximum cryogen exposure.

Get precise, consistent and reproducible carbon dioxide snow distribution with the new Praxair ColdFront™ even chill system for bulk bin filling.

The newest of the CryoBlend™ meat mixer cooling systems is a proprietary, bottom injection system that uses liquid nitrogen and provides improved efficiency and performance that matches results achieved with carbon dioxide.

Cooked sauces, soups, custards, fruit fillings & pureés, gravy and other liquid foods can be rapidly cooled using the Praxair ChillStream™ in-line chilling system using injected cryogen

A chilling modification system for existing processing lines that quickly reduces the temperature of products in the dicing process, ensuring lower evaporative losses and reducing the amount of fines produced.

Whether in-line or in batch processing, solid carbon dioxide snow can be applied directly to food products. The carbon dioxide snow quickly removes heat from the food product rapidly reducing the surface temperature