Freezing & Chilling Systems

Food freezing with liquid nitrogen or cryogenic carbon dioxide

The Correct Gas and Optimal Process - Together

Praxair cryogenic equipment systems are designed to improve customer productivity, increase yield and enhance food quality. We continuously improve our existing freezing, chilling, stunning and gas application systems to make your process even more efficient. When you buy from Praxair, you get our total system approach, ensuring that you receive products optimized for your operations and 24/7 support from our in-house food technologists and engineers.

Cryogenic systems make it possible to completely integrate and automate all elements of food preparation, processing, freezing, chilling and packaging. Praxair’s simple but versatile compact systems slip right into food processing lines and eliminate the movement of food into and out of mechanical freezers and coolers or the need to install long and complicated conveying systems.

The rapid heat removal achieved with cryogenic gases not only improves production efficiency, but also maintains food product quality. Cryogenic freezing and chilling systems tremendously enhances the product by preserving the original appearance through to the point of sale.

Other gas applications beyond temperature control including animal harvesting, water & wastewater treatment, aquaculture and modified atmosphere gases for packaging are also supported by Praxair's extensive network of engineers, technicians and food industry experts.