Individually Quick Frozen

IQF Meat and Produce Portions Using Flighted Freezer

A Freezing Revolution

The innovative ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Flighted Tunnel Freezer design from Praxair keeps food pieces separate from each other while freezing. The resulting individually quick frozen (IQF) foods are ready for packaging and shipping or storage. No clumping or agglomeration of your completely frozen product. Ideal for bite-sized meat portions, diced product, vegetables, berries, pizza toppings, processed foods and cheese just to name a few. Praxair flighted freezers can be customized to operate using liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide according to your needs and specific product requirements.

Depending on your production needs, Praxair offers other systems for the preparation of IQF products. Processors have also used either the Ultra Performance Immersion Freezer or the Continuous Rotary Chiller System with success.