Bulk Product Chilling

Uniform Poultry Temperate Control with Carbon Dioxide

No Hot Spots - No Frozen Areas

A challenge of chilling poultry products that are packed into bulk bins is achieving a consistent temperature throughout – without any hot spots or overcooling. Enter the Praxair ColdFront™ Even Chill System. This new system automatically distributes product and precise, controlled amounts of fine CO2 snow into a bulk bin – ensuring an accurate chill throughout. PLC controls can be adjusted to provide the optimum CO2 ratio, making the Even Chill System applicable for a wide variety of products.

Now the Even Chill system offers plant operators two door options, either overhead or side-swing doors, depending on plant configuration. The overhead door model occupies a small footprint and a new side-swing door option was designed to fit low ceiling heights.

The Even Chill System significantly improves product quality, yield, and incidents of out of specification due to products becoming too warm or too cold (to the point of being frozen).

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