Controlled Atmosphere Stunning, IQF, and Other Processing for Poultry

Efficient Processing for Higher Yields

With cryogenic gases and freezing systems from Praxair, you can get what you always wanted – faster processing speed and optimal product quality. Our systems are designed to maximize your efficiency without sacrificing product integrity.

Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) chilling and freezing for all shapes and sizes of poultry product.

Bulk product chilling automatically and evenly distributes carbon dioxide snow and product into bulk bins ensuring a uniform and thorough chill.

Marinated Product Processes maintain product moisture and make product easier to handle.

Diced product chilling system in-line configurations for cleaner cuts and less waste.    

Carbon dioxide atmosphere application for both caged broilers and on-truck turkeys.

Allows for precise snow application to a wide range of poultry products for spot cooling, crust freezing or box/carton snowing prior shipping or further processing.