Buy carbon dioxide gas from praxair for QUALITY beverage carbonation

Putting the Fizz into Sparkling Drinks

Praxair’s customers are supported by North America’s largest CO2 capacity, an extensive distribution network, and a dedicated logistics team. We are well equipped to provide beverge grade quality carbon dioxide gases for your carbonation needs. The Praxair Beverage program provides bulk liquid carbon dioxide that meets or exceeds the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) and the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) specifications. Bulk gases are shipped only from beverage approved locations, following strict procedures and employing rigorous quality assurance throughout the process.

Beverage customers receive certificates of analysis (COA) that detail the results of tests performed on CO2 in Praxair trailers, ensuring that deliveries will meet stringent delivery and quality requirements. Trailer seals and first stop service options are also available.

Beverage Gas Supply

Praxair operates extensive industrial gas production and supply facilities to assure timely and cost-effective delivery of high-quality gases and gas mixtures. The company is one of the largest suppliers of beverage-approved CO2 in the U.S.  We offer proprietary remote telemetry systems that help us monitor the customer’s storage tank inventory and pressure levels. Telemetry helps ensure supply consistency even during fluctuating production schedules. In addition, we offer an on-line web service that provides customers with detailed access to flow rates, inventory and historical demand.