Bulk Bin Temperature Consistency

Studio shot sliced turkey produced from post CRC useNo hot spots or frozen areas, controlled cryogen delivery, eliminate rework.

ColdFront™ even chill system

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Improved Seafood Production

Final size of ad thumbnailBetter product quality, higher production, improved profit, greater flexibility.

ColdFront™ value engineered tunnel freezer

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Reduce Cryogen Costs

ColdFront™ cryo-saver tunnel for KC Sausage patty production

Increase production in the same footprint and create new product possibilities

ColdFront™ cryo-saver tunnel freezer

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Better Burger Freezing

Spiral frozen burger testimonialMaintain schedules, upgrade product quality, lower costs, increase productivity. 

ColdFront™ ultra performance spiral freezer

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Increased IQF Productivity

Scallop studio shot - IQF scallops in immersionImproved product appearance and quality, efficient cryogen use.

ColdFront ultra performance flighted

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Total System Satisfaction

Breaded chicken fillet studio shot from product produced on UP tunnel systemConsistent temperature, reduced cryogen usage, quick and easy installation.

ColdFront™ ultra performance tunnel freezer

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Thorough Product Chilling

Sliced turkey breast sandwich studio art representing turkey product chilled on the continuous rotary chiller  Consistent chill temperature, streamlined automation, accurate cryogen delivery.

ColdFront™ continuous rotary chiller

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