Temperature Control

When you see the snowflake icon, think temperature. More specifically, think temperature control. Part of our core technological capability at Praxair lies in not only helping you freeze your product using state-of-the-art cryogenic technology but in using our vast applications expertise to actually control the freezing process.

Controlling temperature may seem like fairly basic science. In truth it’s a lot more complicated than you might think. As you know, different food products begin to freeze at different rates as the temperature drops. It’s also important to note that temperatures will fluctuate in the food processing chain and are dependent on the nature of a product, for instance — whether it’s marinated, seafood or muscle meat, chopped and formed, raw or cooked — if cooked, what the internal and external temperature is when it reaches the cooling chamber. Of course, these are just a few of the many variables that are important in determining the ideal temperature for your process and your application.

Fortunately at Praxair, we’ve given a lot of thought to both the process and application and have become the leading experts in determining precise temperature parameters for food processing operations, ultimately helping processors to optimize product quality and minimize their costs.

Find out how your operations can benefit from Praxair’s temperature control expertise, contact a Praxair representative today or try our online pre-chill calculator to see how much you can potentially save by pre-chilling.

How much can you potentially save by pre-chilling? Try our online pre-chill calculator to find out.

Contact a Praxair representative today to find out how your operations can benefit from Praxair’s temperature control expertise. 1-800-PRAXAIR.