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Praxair is committed to helping boost productivity in the food processing market. We are in regular contact with the decision-makers in the industry providing application updates and industry-relevant news. 

Did You Know ... About Crust Freezing?

Cooked and dressed hamburgerQuickly freezing the outer surface of food products - also know as crust freezing - is just the beginning of the cryogenic freezing process for food. This action firms the product surfaces to reduce moisture migration and retain product shape & appearance. The product continues to lose heat and equilibrates to the target temperature. 

The Food Freezing Process in our Food Technology Laboratory
Praxair has performed over 12,000 tests to determine the freezing rate and thermal profile of a wide array of food products in our Food Lab over the last 45 years. We use that experience - stemming from all those analyses - to help improve your product quality and boost production.

Testing your product in our Food Lab is a great way to witness first-hand the benefits of freezing or chilling with liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide. The lab equipment is full-sized, production level systems – not models nor simulations nor analogs. In the lab, observe the simplicity of operation of our freezer systems, evaluate the quality of the product first hand, and learn about the science behind cryogenics. Download the mailer (325KB)

Are You a Cryo-Genius?

Answers to the "Test Your Knowledge of Freezing and Chilling Quiz" are:

 1. The gases used in cryogenic freezing are:  B. Carbon Dioxide & Nitrogen
 2. IQF stands for:  B. Individually Quick Frozen
 3. The approximate U.S, frozen food market is:  C. $54 billion
 4. The temperature range of liquid nitrogen is:   C. -220o F to -250o F

illustration from "Are you a Cryo-Genius?" mailingThank you for testing your knowledge of cryogenic freezing and chilling and learning more about the benefits for food processing. You’ll regularly get the cold hard facts and more freezing and chilling details in future communications. Each will offer the basic facts about how rapid heat removal with cryogenic gases improves production efficiency while maintaining food product quality. View the entire mailer (380KB)

Praxair offers cryogenic technologies for precise temperature control across varied production including red meatpoultrybakeryprepared foodsproduce, and seafood.