There's Light at the End of the Tunnel

It's All Coming into Focus

Thank you for taking the first step to learning more about how Praxair’s cryogenic tunnel freezers may benefit your operation. Our development, sales, and food laboratory staff professionals to understand and assess your low temperature needs. Examining your production process allows us to focus in on finding the best-matched freezing system for your operation.

Providing the optimum tunnel freezing system to achieve your production needs sets us apart from the alternatives. Our lineup of cryogenic tunnel freezers offers a competitive set of possibilities for your product, process, and price point, to increase production, maximize cryogen efficiency and maintain product quality.

ColdFront™ CryoVantage Tunnel Freezer

The ColdFront CryoVantage Tunnel Freezer excels at lower cost freezing and chilling for a wide variety of products. Delivering a continuous, dependable performance and capitalizing on a robust foundation that can last for years, the CryoVantage Tunnel Freezer is ideal for new operations with room to grow.

Ensure quick, thorough freezing of product at a lower cost

ColdFront™ CryoSaver Tunnel Freezer

The ColdFront CryoSaver Tunnel Freezer utilizes a unique design to retain more cooling power from the same amount of cryogen used in similar length units. With a highly efficient automatic temperature control system, the CryoSaver Freezer delivers more cold per square foot than earlier Praxair systems. This results in an increased processing efficiency of up to 15 percent compared to earlier, straight tunnel versions.

Extract more cooling per volume of liquid cryogen

ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Tunnel Freezer

The ColdFront Ultra Performance Tunnel Freezer results in a greater throughput per linear foot compared to any of Praxair’s traditional cryogenic freezers. Incorporating several changes designed to precisely direct vapor circulation, the Ultra Performance Tunnel Freezer capitalizes on improved impingement for high-performance freezing of your product.

Focus on high production throughput

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