Featured Praxair Technology

ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Spiral

Recent updates, including the new horizontal vapor flow, improves productivity in the same compact space. Space saving features, production details  and an animation of the equipment in action are provided to help understand the benefits of a spiral freezing system from Praxair.

Improve your productivity

ColdFront™ Cryo-Saver Tunnel Freezer

The newest tunnel freezer from Praxair provides a new angle on cryogenic freezing that greatly reduces air infiltration. Applying the maximum amount of cooling to your product results in a more efficient operation at your facility.

Further understand the potential cost savings

ColdFront™ Continuous Rotary Chiller

This Praxair system continuously rotates and gently tumbles food pieces keeping them separate for maximum cryogen exposure. This results in a quick, thorough and uniform chilling or thorough freeze. The system’s patented injection system – using either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen – impinges product on all sides, resulting in a quicker heat transfer from the product.        

Incorporate the CRC into your continuous operation

CryoBlend™ Injection Meat Mixer Cooling 

Praxair cryogenic gases - either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen - can be used to help ensure food safety and product quality.

Enhance production using cryogenic injection cooling 

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